A Mother Son Celebration: Walking to Bed

Ricky helps his Mother to her feet. The look into each other's eyes and begin to kiss. They kiss their way down the hallway; her moving backwards, clumsily undressing each other and move to the bedroom. They finish undressing; she gets on the bed on all fours facing outwards, she pulls back and says, "No. I want you to fuck me, I want you to cum in my cunt. Fuck me up my cunt." She turns around and he slowly enters her. He starts slowly but fairly quickly starts to really hammer her. He says "Is that it Mom? Is that how you like being fucked?" She answers with things like, "Yes, that's it. That's how I like being fucked. Fuck Mommy, fuck Mommy's pussy!" When they cum/simulate cumming together, they cry out simultaneously, "OH GOD!" She collapses forward face down and he collapses on top of her.

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Anonymous| 12 months ago

Rouge baldes

Ash| 2 years ago

I am in love with milanie love u my love...:kissing::kissing::kissing: can I get your number......

ARAK| 2 years ago

She could be your neighbor. Gorgeous woman without a lb. of makeup on. Rare.