Adam & Eva pt. 1

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Innocent girl meets wild duo, Adam and Eva, stepsister and brother. They indoctrinate her into their bohemian lifestyle, and she is spellbound by Adam. She kisses him, surprises herself by blowing him. They sleep in the same room at night and Sylvia watches as Adam and Eva have taboo brother and stepsister sex just a few feet away from her! Sweetheart Sylvia is hitchhiking just outside of Los Angeles when a man slows down and eyes her up. She knows right away that he's up to no good but she has nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, the man grabs her hand when a woman runs in, "Marie! Marie! There you are!." Sylvia looks at this mysterious woman who just rescued her as she explains to the predator, "thanks for keeping an eye on her! My brother and I have been looking all over for her." The man looks at the car parked right behind his on the busy highway, and Adam nods his head with a smile. The man releases Sylvia's arm and shuffles back into his truck. "Thanks so much!" Sylvia catches her breath as Adam comes out of the truck. Sylvia introduces herself and Eva introduces herself and her brother, and says they're on their way to LA. It's a great coincidence and the young trio decide to go together, leading to a short stay at Eva's apartment. Sylvia couldn't believe her luck, but she begins to notice that Eva is 'different,' she's free and wild, and her lifestyle is confusing. One moment Eva is taking Sylvia by the hand and they peer into the next apartment, a man and a woman are having wild sex on the sofa; the next moment Eva is stepping into Sylvia's bath and washing her body. Eva teaches Sylvia that nudity is not something to be ashamed of, and once you've shed the stigma, it's liberating. Sylvia is both intrigued and uncomfortable, but she likes Adam and Eva and wants to see what her journey will be like with them. She's especially attracted to Adam. She tries to talk to him about Eva, to learn more about the two. She finds it so very hard to concentrate when his body is so close to hers, and he is absolutely gorgeous. The two meet in a kiss, and Sylvia surprises herself by kissing down his neck, down his torso, and undoing his pants. After a busy day, Sylvia makes her bed on the floor. Adam and Eva share the bed. She hears moaning, the bed springs squeaking, the unmistakable sounds of passionate sex. Sylvia watches in surprise as she sees Adam making love to his own stepsister, Eva. It turns her on, and that scares her. What will become of her if she stays with these people? She has to leave! She decides to leave first thing in the morning.