Always Freely Available for Her Dad's Use

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1 week ago
It took a long time but Winter finally has what she's been wanting. Her dad can't get enough of her and with just a twitch of his finger she strips and gets on her knees for him Winter's door is always open and even when she's at her ma's and her dad is visiting he will come into her room to take what is his Winter get's a call she's been waiting for and tries to not give away how good she's being fucked as she makes plans to meet her friends at the mall. She asks her dad to cum in her mouth so her pussy isn't dripping cum at the mall Winter really worries about her dad. He works all the time and is always under a lot of stress. She convinces him to let her give him a back rub out by the pool and won't let him back out of it. She even gives him some very special aroma therapy to make him more relaxed and more open to what she really has in mind. Her soft hands are like magic and she slowly, loving gives him the intense stress relief he really needs. It's been a few days since Winter relieved all of dad's stress and when she brings him lunch at his office he is on a call that obviously has him completely tense. She brought her lotion just in case and convinces him to let her take care of him like she did before, but this time, with her face so close to his thick hard cock she can't resist giving a kiss, and a lick and and soon her soft lips and tongue are worshiping his swollen cock and she lovingly lets him fill her mouth Winter's dad hasn't been letting her help him relax and she thinks it's because he's been having thoughts about taking things farther, which is what she's been wanting all along. She joins him in the shower and helps him to finally give in to what they both need.