Are you finally going to fuck me today daddy?

Daddy…. Are you finally going to fuck me today? Come on I’m tired of begging. Mom’s not home. Lets just do this already. You know I want it Daddy. I’ve been telling you for years how much I want it. Aren’t you tired of always looking but never touching? Aren’t you tired of always stopping yourself? I know you want my sweet little pussy. So come on and give it to me already. No? Hmm…well lets do something more wholesome instead. Would you like to hear a page out of my journal? It says “Tonight daddy came into my room and put his hand over my mouth. I tried to scream but he was too strong. He forced his big thick cock deep inside my ass and fucked me so hard I came even though I didn’t want to”. Oh what you don’t like that? I have hundreds more little entries like that and if you don’t fuck me right now I’m going to take my journal to the police station and tell everyone that it’s true. So what do you wanna do Daddy? I mean what’s worse… fucking your own daughter in secret? Or getting arrested for fucking your daughter and never even touching me? You know that they’ll believe ever single word I say. You know why? Because all Daddy’s want to fuck their little girls. So give me what I want daddy. I know your cock aches for me. Just give in and fuck me. I want your cock inside me…inside my mouth…my pussy… and I want your cock deep inside my ass.

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Me| 2 months ago

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Smut Funk| 2 months ago

Help I'm cumming and I can't stop!

Eliana| 6 months ago

Come fuck me hard make me cry

Amar mangang| 8 months ago

I love sex

Siu| 10 months ago

I want to fuck someone too hardly

Siu| 10 months ago

Fuck me hard please

Bhanu sain| 10 months ago

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mx| 11 months ago