Aunt and uncle exploiding niece


Cory's niece has come to visit and Cory wants to hear all about her life. "There a boy you like?" Cory asks making Christi giggle. "I'm too shy for any of tha" she admits. Even with that amazing body, Cristi is so unsure of herself. Slowly Cory breaks her out of her shell. "Lets just take it slow and relax a little bit" Cory tells her. She strips her niece of cloths showing how perfect she is. She licks Cristi's pussy. "Aunty what are you doing!" She screams and moans in innocence. Something comes over Chrisi, a white hot feeling, and she cums. Don't know what happened.. Cory introduces her to her pussy. Letting Cristi explore and lick Cory's delicious slit. Cory bucks her hips up and down screaming as she cums all over the young girls face. "Can't believe I did that" Cristi says softly. You walk into the room just in time to see your naked niece making your wife cum. "Have you ever kissed a boy before?" Cory asks her. She looks in your direction and Cory instructs her on how boys like to be kissed. Cory shows her her first penis, pulling down your pants. Cristi's eyes open wide in shock and is instructed on how to kiss, suck and worship cock. Her big brown eyes look up at you, her virgin mouth used for the very first time. It's time that Cristi learns how to go all the way. Nervously she bends over the couch and painfully she's fucked for the first time. What starts out in pain slowly turns to pleasure as she is fucked. Cory encourages her, touching her and whispering to her until she cums. Cory tells her how guys like to cum and you shoot your big load all over her innocent face and into her waiting mouth. "Good girl" Cory says, kissing her and sharing the load with her horny aunt. "Learned so much from you aunty" Cristi smiles happily.

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