Bailey Base in Family Vacation

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2 years ago
After a year of lock downs and Shut Downs, we needed a Family Vacation. A trip to Sunny South Florida with our Daughter Bailey and Wife Cory is the perfect cure for the worst year ever. Baily and I arrive first as Cory has some things to wrap up at work before driving to the Resort. This gives Bailey and her Dad some time to unpack and plan for an awesome week... "Are you ready for our family vacation?!" I ask my daughter, Bailey, as we walk through the hotel halls to get to our room. We walk in to our room and it's a pretty cool suite! It has a living room and a kitchen, but there is only 1 bed! "Where am I going to rest? Where is Cory going to rest?" Bailey asks me. "It's a big bed! We can all rest in the same bed, I guess!" I tell her. Bailey goes in to the bathroom to take a shower, and she walks out of the bathroom completely naked afterwards! "What are you doing?!" I exclaim. "Daddy, I have a question for you. If I have butt sex, would I still be a virgin? I've never had sex before and I wanted to try out anal sex but I still want to be a virgin!" she says to me. "Who do you want to have anal sex with? A boyfriend?" I ask her. "No, I don't have a boyfriend! I was thinking you could do it with me before Cory gets to the hotel! Since she won't be here for an hour!" she replies. I can't help but feel my cock getting hard from this conversation and from her being naked on the bed. She lies down on her back and she spreads her legs for me. I shove my cock right in her ass hole, and she starts to gently moan. After a few minutes, she flips over in to the doggy style position and I fuck her ass some more! I keep fucking my daughter's tight ass until I cum inside of her ass! "Cory should be here in about 5 minutes, by the way!" Bailey tells me. "Oh No! You better go get dressed then!" I cry out. "I have a confession to tell you, by the way... That wasn't really my first time having anal sex! I've done it before!" Bailey giggles as she runs off in to the bathroom. My daughter is a naughty girl... Bailey is dressed in a black tank top and a red skirt as she and I wait for my wife, Cory, to come to the hotel room. "Make sure you don't tell Cory about what we just did!" I remind Bailey. "Of course not! That's our secret!" Bailey replies. A moment later, Cory walks in to the hotel room with her suitcase. She is wearing a green dress as she tells us that she is going to take a shower really quickly; This leaves Bailey and I alone together again! Once we hear the shower water running, Bailey and I walk in to the bedroom. Bailey sits down on the bed and she confesses something else to me. "I'm not really a virgin! I've had sex in all of my holes before! And I want to have more anal sex with you while Cory is in the shower!" she giggles. "Let's use all your holes this time!" I exclaim. Bailey strips naked and she starts to suck my cock first. She licks my cock up and down and gives me a nice, sloppy blowjob. Then she hops on top of me and she starts to ride my cock with her pussy first. She is gently moaning, but she's trying to not be too loud. "It's a good thing the shower is loud, so Cory hopefully won't hear us!" I tell her. She lies down on the bed and I start to fuck her pussy in the missionary position first. After a few minutes, I shove my hard cock deep in her ass hole again! I fuck her pussy again and then I switch back to her ass. Then I tell her to flip over and lie down on her stomach, so I can fuck her ass that way. I fuck her ass and pussy back and forth again, and I love how my naughty my daughter is! My wife, Cory, would never let me do this to her! She gets in to the doggy style position next and I keep fucking her ass and pussy back and forth, in no particular order. I think I just heard my wife turn the water off, so I hurry up and I quickly cum inside of Bailey! Then we both run off to throw our clothes back on! Cory and Bailey are standing next to each other in bikini's, because we are all prepared to go down to the pool. "Cory, I need to talk to Luke alone for a minute. Can we meet you down at the pool in a few minutes?" Bailey asks her mother. "Okay, but don't take too long..." Cory replies. Once Cory leaves the hotel room, I ask Bailey what she needs to tell me. She giggles and tells me "I want you to fuck me in the ass again!" I am nervous that Cory will come back in the room, but I also really want to fuck my daughter's ass again. Bailey gets down on her knees and she starts to give me a blowjob first. Bailey strips out of her bikini and she gets in the doggy style position for me to stick my cock in to her ass hole. I keep fucking her ass hole, until we hear a noise by the door. All of a sudden, Cory bursts in to the hotel room! "What is going on here?!" my wife cries out. "Um... Bailey's bikini broke and I was trying to fix it..." is the first lie that comes to my mind. "Why didn't you invite me to join? I want to join in!" Cory says, as she grabs my cock out of Bailey's ass and Cory shoves my cock right in to her mouth. She gives my cock a blowjob before she sticks my cock back inside of Bailey's ass. Then Cory sits down in front of Bailey's face so Bailey can eat Cory's pussy out while I am fucking Bailey's tight ass and pussy, back and forth. I have an even better idea... I want to fuck both my wife and my daughter in both of their holes next, and that's exactly what I'm about to do next... I tell Bailey to sit down in the missionary position on the table and I tell Cory to watch what I am about to do to Bailey. I shove my cock in Bailey's pussy and then in her ass, and I switch back and forth while I make my wife watch! "I'm so jealous! I want a cock in both of MY holes too!" Cory exclaims. Cory and Bailey switch positions, and I shove my cock in to my wife's pussy first. A few moments later, I shove my cock deep inside of my wife's ass next. I take my cock out of Cory and I shove it in Bailey's mouth next. Cory asks me what position I want to do next. "I want to fuck Bailey's ass and then have you suck my cock when I pull my cock out of her ass!" I tell my wife. That's exactly what we do! "Naughty Cory!" I tell her. Then I tell my daughter and my wife to sit next to each other in the doggy style position, so I can fuck both of their holes one right after the other! "You have 4 holes just for you! So many choices!" Cory seductively tells me. "So, who wants a mouth full of cum??" I ask them both. "I would love to share your cum with Bailey!" my wife exclaims. When I get close to cumming, I tell my daughter and my wife to both get down on their knees, open their mouths and look up at me. I cum in both of their mouths and on their faces! "Now let's all clean up and then we can actually go to the pool!" I tell them.


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