Big Sister Takedown

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Description: My big sister Molly was driving me crazy! A few months ago she got OBSESSED with fitness stuff. She was at the gym everyday, then she started training in MMA. And when she was home she was always picking on me for being lazy and lecturing me about how strong and healthy she was. But the worst part is she was always wearing really tight workout clothes. Tight yoga pants and little booty shorts and sports bras. My sister was dressing like a total slut, and I couldn't help staring at her butt and huge tits. I knew it was wrong but it wasn't my fault, my sister is to hot to dress like that all the time. Molly caught me staring at her a few times and got really mad and called me a perv, but I could tell she kinda liked it. The other day she came in the living room while I was watching TV. She lost her phone in the couch and bent over to find it. I couldn't resist my big sister's sexy ass, legs, and feet any longer. I got behind her and acted like I was trying to help her find her phone, but I couldn't stop myself - I started grinding her ass and dry humping her. I pushed her over and then we started wresting all over the couch. My sister is really strong! She was telling me to stop and then all of a sudden she said we should wrestle naked. We took off our clothes and kept wrestling then Molly sat on my face and told me to eat her pussy. I pushed her off after a minute and started face fucking her!!! Our naked wresting match turned into a total fuck fest. I threw my big sister around while slamming her pussy until I finally pulled out and shot a huge cum load all over her face!!! My big sister has definitely changed my mind about this whole fitness thing, I'm going to train with her all the time from now on! ***Starring Molly Jane***
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