Brother benefits of sister


PART 1 - Caught in Dad's office. So, I am working late at my dad's office, and I see my lazy sister trying to get in his desk. She must have taken his keys and snuck in. That little bitch has been the one stealing the petty cash, and my dad is been ready to blame everyone that works for him. I decide to teach her a serious lesson, She is so pissed, but, being a little whore she cums from a hard fucking, even if it is her brother pounding her pussy PART 2 Sister busted Sexting - my sister is sprawled out sleeping on the couch. I check out her phone and see she has been sexting a bunch of guys. She always tries to act like she is dad's innocent little princess, well I wake her up and make her do ALL the dirty things she was texting. Or I will show dad her phone. She is such a little slut, she can't help but moan and get wet while I fuck her, all I have to do is get my dick in her and she totally gives in PART 3 Piper's Friend Sleeps over - My slutty little sister has an equally slutty little friend. They like to walk around in tiny little shirts and shorts, practically prancing around. I decide I am going to fuck Jade senseless, I am just going to slip it right in her little pussy, she will be too embarrassed to have her friends brother fucking her to make a fuss. But my little slut sister wakes up, she can tell what I am going to do and she doesn't want to make a scene to stop me, so I make her take the hard fucking I had planned for her friend, She is worried about waking up Jade, but she can barely keep in her moans- what a horny slut my sister is. I didn't get to fuck her hot little friend, but There is always next time

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