Brother & sister playing dirty games


Brother and Sister are on the couch when they decide to play Truth or dare. Sister has a head ache and is laying on the couch. Brother comes in and asks whats wrong. He asks if she remembers when they used to play doctor? He then pulls up her shirt and listens to her heart. He takes off her bra as he rests his hand on her boob she lets out a little moan. He pulls off her pants rubbing her pussy. He then fucks her. Sister can't figure out what to ware for her date tonight. She asks her brother for help. After picking out the dress she asks him what underwear she should wear. She models a couple of pairs, until she puts on a pair of sexy panties. I wonder if these even work? She pulls out her brothers cock and fucks him before her date. Sister gets a text message, her brother snatches the phone out of her hand and reads the message. She fights to get it back and they both start to pull each others cloths off. The Brother is much stronger and wins by fucking her on the ground. He cums in her mouth then gives her back the phone.

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