Can't get the taste of my brother's cum out of my mouth


Cory's sister in law is over for a visit when Cory tells her about her new photo business. “He's paid a ton of money for photos of my husband and daughter” Cory says. Melanie can't believe what she's hearing. “It's just art” Cory explains and asks Melanie to be her latest model. The money is crazy and Melanie sure could use it. Cory convinces them that it won't be a big deal. Reluctantly Melanie lets her brother grab a handful of her big breasts while Cory snaps photos and tells them what to do. As long as she doesn't think about it Melanie can get through this humiliating experience and get some cash. Each pose is more and more sexual. Melanie can feel her brother's cock under his clothes. It's all too much and she puts an end to this embarrassing moment in her life. Why did she ever agree to do this! “He loved the photos and wants more!” Cory tells her husband and sister in law. He's willing to pay for so much more if they're willing to go further. Melanie really needs the cash and as long as she doesn't think about it she can do it. With photo equipment in hand Cory starts photographing and commanding her husband to strip his sister. Melanie pulls down her brother's pants and a wave of embarrassment crashes over her. She doesn't know how to feel as her brother is instructed to kiss her pussy or suck on her tits. On her knees she looks up at her brother and does the unthinkable, putting his dick in her mouth. It sends shivers through her. Cory commands her to spread her legs and let him put just the tip of his cock inside her. He's not fucking her... it's just art... A few days later and Cory has a new request from her client. He wants to see the brother and sister fuck and he's willing to pay so much to see it. Not just posed pictures, but real fucking. It's amazing how far things can come in just a few days. Melanie thought she would never do something like this in a million years but here she sits, about to fuck her brother for art and money. Melanie tries to think of anyone else in her mind as she takes her brother's cock into her mouth. She sucks wildly, trying to get him hard as fast as she can so they can get this over with. As Cory commands them they fuck hard in every way on the couch. Melanie moans from the feeling of it. If this wasn't her brother it would be the fuck of her life. He takes his hard wet cock and slowly slides it into her ass, sending her to heaven. She cums feeling shame and slutty pleasure. With her mouth in an open moan he dumps his load all over her face. Click Click goes the camera as the cum covers her humiliated mouth. Melanie can't get the taste of her brother's cum out of her mouth. It's like the memory of fucking him is haunting her. Why did she do this? Cory invites her over to give her a share of the photo money and to tell her what the next photo shoot will be. “Can you do it with someone else?” Cory asks. At first Melanie is happy not to have to fuck her brother, until she's told it's her other brother who will be with her. How did she end up so desperate that she has to fuck her brothers on camera for money. Awkwardly she strips and puts her brother's cock into her mouth. She is getting good at closing off her mind and just letting her body take over. And she does like to fuck even if it's from her brother. What is she doing? She thinks as her body shutters and cums with her brother thrusting from behind. She gets to her knees and gives Cory what she wants, A big facial shot for her client. Melanie can take a shower but she feels like she will never get clean. The money is rolling in and Cory doesn't want it to stop. “Are we done now?” Her husband asks. But the client wants more from the shamed brother and sister and will pay anything to get them together. “We're making so much money” Cory says to herself as she prepares. "He wants more intimate photos" Cory says, but makes her husband a deal. She will get naked too so he can look at his wife while he's fucking his sister. Melanie takes off her clothes and lays on the bed, with a hard look in her eyes. She knows what's coming but can't stop it. She sucks her brothers cock and lets him fuck her silly. Her pussy and ass are used while Cory watches and tells them what to do. Melanie cums again and again at the feeling of being used. "Don't cum on my camera, just on her face" Cory instructs as he shoots a big load onto his humiliated sister. Fuck, Melanie thinks, she is really starting to like this.

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