Can't get sisters thick round ass out of my head


My sister Mandy is such a geeky girl. I try to get her to dress better and act cooler, but she is just a geek. Mom and dad are away so I get into dad's cabinet and decide to let my sister have her first sip. It turns out there is a little bit of slut in her waiting to get out... My sister catches me watching her drying off after the shower. She is mad and weirded out at first, but I start complimenting her, and she craves it so much that she lets me have a good look, and then a good bit of everything I want. I haven't fucked my sister is weeks. I can't get her thick round ass out of my head. She catches me jerking off to her ass and gets mad, I had promised I would stop, but I know she misses my dick. I make her feel bad, make her watch me jerk off until I know she is wet then I make her admit what she wants.

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John| 1 year ago

Hurry up...