Cum on Mommy

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2 years ago
You become aware that I have a hair fetish, that I fantasize about your hair, and have an erection. (You say this as if you are saying what I say back to me. Please use your creativity. I just want to hear your voice throughout. I don't want to hear any guy's voice.) You say things like oh sweetheart, and sweetie, Mommy wants to help you, not to be embarrassed, and ask what exactly is my hair fetish. I explain I would like you to kneel down in front of me, look up at me, and let me jerk off in front of you. I have always fantasized about that. "Sweetheart?, you want mommy to kneel down in front of you...". You are surprised but don't want me to feel embarrassed. You say it's inappropriate, etc. but end up somehow justifying it, that you want to help me, but I can't tell anybody, etc. You proceed to do it. At this point, you kneel on the floor looking up at me. You talk to me about what I am doing. You say things like that's a good boy, sweetheart, jerk your penis for mommy, etc. You say mommy has never done anything like this or anything kinky before. You are starting to get horny and want to suck my cock. You sense and figure out I am not telling you everything and ask if there is anything else to my hair fetish. You say Mommy wants to help you, not to be embarrassed, tell mommy, etc...I explain I want you to suck my penis and to cum on mommy's hair, right on top of mommy's head. You are further surprised but you are horny, want to suck my cock, and really want me to cum on you/your hair now. You say that is wrong and inappropriate but end up justifying it because you are horny, want to suck my cock, want to help me, say I can't tell anybody, etc. You then start sucking my cock. In between sucking my penis, you look up at me, you are very horny, and start begging me to cum on your hair saying "please cum on Mommy's hair" and desperately saying "Mommy promises to be a good girl for you" You start playing with/rubbing your pussy while sucking my penis. I start jerking off my penis. I cum on your hair and immediately after you put the penis back in your mouth, looking up at me, and start intensely cumming from playing with your pussy. After you cum. Please say, Mommy promises to always be a good girl for you. Mommy will let you cum on her hair whenever you want. .....Mandy Flores