Cute little girl outfit


Thank you so much for the cute little Onsie and Socks you left for me on my bed! They are so cute! Mom would never let me dress like this, where is she anyway? Well, since she's not home, let me try them on for you. Do you like the way I look Daddy? You're an amazing dad - much cooler than my real dad. Do you like me looking like your little girl, Daddy? You can touch me if you want... I love the way your big hands make me feel so small. Look, the onsie snaps open here, you can touch my little pussy if you want, I'm already wet. Being small like this makes me so horny... can I touch you too? Daddy! Your thing is soooo big! I want to put it in my mouth, is that ok? I love to make you feel good too Daddy - I want to be your good girl. Daddy, you're so hard! Are you going to cum soon? Cum for me Daddy, and I'll always be your little girl.

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