Dad is angry about daughter's grades at school


Who pays attention at school? There are a lot more interesting things to be done than homework : going to parties with boys, hiding and smoking cigarettes, wearing skanky clothes to get all the attention we deserve, me and my huge boobs. This time apparently I got in trouble with dad, he was so mad about my grades at school. Like I was saying, I don't pay much attention to school, I patiently wait for the break to socialize with boys and maybe a short fuck in the toilet. But Dad is not so easy to convince, he want to make an example out of me. I was not shy at all, by wearing a short top (you could peek at my titties when I raise my arm even a little) so I started to tease him exactly how I tease the boys I wanna fuck because somewhere deep inside me I knew that he is attracted to me and this attraction was the perfect occasion to distract him from my school results. I even started to masturbate in front of him! After all this (he is a man, after all) he couldn't resist and joined my game. Oh, daddy's cock!. After this thought I wet myself! I guess he knows that I fuck around because he decided to administrate me a good correction by putting his huge cock in my little cunt. Oh, gosh that was all the cock I needed to be happy. He wanted to show me how much he loves his little skank, so much so that he fucked her himself because he didn't want me to get in any trouble, he wants me to have everything I want at home: a huge cock to suck and to ride. He then fucked me doggy-style, a position that I enjoy very much. I loved that daddy fucked me roughly, manly until I moaned asking for more. His cock was rock hard when he came on my big boobs. It was his fantasy to squirt his load on his daughter's big boobs and I made it real for him...

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