Daddy Deflowers My Butt


Dear Diary, Daddy and I have been getting pretty risky with our encounters and I really didn't want to get pregnant. I overheard some of the girls talking about anal sex and I started doing research. Turns out that it's a perfect way to avoid pregnancy and some girls even like it. I was a bit afraid it would hurt but I'm sure it will be worth it. That night when I told Daddy my idea he was really thrilled. I guess Daddy likes anal sex or something. Anyway he loosened me up with his fingers and tongue but when his cock started to go it it was intense. I'd never had anything in my butt before so it was a mix of pleasure and pain. After I relaxed a bit I started to enjoy it a lot. Daddy picked up the pace and even though it hurt at times I actually came from buttsex. Daddy fucked my virgin asshole until he exploded inside me. That was so hot I want to do it again.

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Jay| 2 weeks ago

I fucked my daugjters tight ass when she was drunk....then came ion her mouth...for someone sleeping she sucks all my cum

Karan| 4 months ago

I fuked my daughter many times

Anonymous| 10 months ago


Anonymous| 10 months ago

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