Daddy's stress is treated by daughter


Daddy poured a few too many and is layed out on the couch. When Piper comes to see if he is ok, and try to get him up to his own bed he thinks she is Mom. Piper has had a fantasy for a long time, and starts to play along. Daddy is so stressed about bills and things. Piper offers to give him a back rub, but she knows he needs more to relieve his stress. Dad tries to object, but his little girl's soft hands have done too good a job Piper has become completely addicted to her daddy's cock, but he has cut her off. It is wrong and he won't do it anymore. So Piper has come to his office and threatened to tell everyone if he doesn't keep giving it to her. Daddy is furious, he won't be blackmailed. He bends Piper over the desk, ties her hands with his tie and spanks her little bottom, and then gives her more than she bargained for.

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