Daddy Snuck In My Room

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Description: Dear Diary, Since mommie made me have sex with Daddy things have gotten pretty confusing. Most nights now Daddy waits for mommy to go to bed then he sneaks into my room. He slides up behind me and despite my halfhearted protests starts teasing my fertile pussy. My resolve begins to crumble under his experienced touch and my naughty desires get the better of me. My legs part and his finers get me so excited I open my mouth and begin sucking his cock. Before long Daddys cock is buried in my pussy pumping faster and faster til daddy explodes inside me and I cum from the sensation. Daddys going to get me pregnant soon for sure like this but I'll wait a few weeks to tell him. I kind of like these nightly sessions with daddy a lot, perhaps too much. Xo Naomi
Categories: Father & Daughter
Models: Naomi Clark