Daddy turned on when watching daughter masturbate

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5 years ago
Ever since her mother passed away she's been acting up. I know I'm a little over-protective for a step-father, but she's my little girl. She's turned eighteen and I am worried about her, if she moves out, as she so often threatens when I try to reprimand her, then I will no longer have control over her. I found the perfect solution within the law, "if a young person is not seen mentally fit to be an adult at 18, the court can order her in custody of her parents until she is 21." When I told her she was livid, she told me she hated me and storms off to her room. Her words cut through my heart, but at least I was glad that she was in her room. I have installed a security camera. If I find her doing anything that proves that she is unfit to be considered an adult, I can bring the tape to the court and keep her until she is 21. I go into my office with my phone to watch what she does. She takes a call from her boyfriend "Jarrod," and I clench my teeth. I can't stand that she has a boyfriend, my little girl should not be dating a boy like him. I zoom in on her face not realizing that the zoom feature is making a sound. She looks at the camera and my heart stops, I worry I've been found out, but then she smiles. I watch her closely to see her next move. She pulls a vibrator out of her drawer, her mother thought that was a good idea a couple years back, I never approved. She starts to undress. I should turn my head but I can't. I get hard watching her masturbate, she so often glances right at the camera I have hidden in the lap of her teddy bear. "Oh teddy," she purrs. I watch my daughter masturbate and I'm conflicted, I'm turned on and disturbed.. she then purrs, "daddy." I stand up not sure what my next move will be. She looks towards the camera and purrs, "why do we play these games, come into my room and fuck me, daddy." It was as if I was outside of myself watching my body, I walked to her door, put my hand on her door knob and was going to go inside. I felt like the girl needed to be punished, and if she needed to be fucked as punishment, then so be it. I turned the knob and tried to fight my emotion, telling myself, "get ahold of yourself." I walked away. I heard the vibrator stop. The horrible moment is over. I can, at least, be happy that I did the right thing. In her words. Daddy wants me to be his little girl forever. It's annoying, but it's also kind of hot. It almost feels as if we have this romantic tension between us, and it's too taboo to do anything about it, so we go about our day frustrated. It's stupid to have to play by the rules, I've always thought this way, and so when I found that he put a hidden camera in my bedroom. I decided to let him know how I truly feel about him. I looked into the camera and begged him to fuck my little pink pussy. I was so wet, aching for him, I spread myself open and moved in all the positions I dreamt he would take me in. I thought I heard him at my door, and I turned off the vibrator and waited for him. He didn't come in. The next morning he wanted to talk. I've been talking to myself since I woke up, trying to figure out a way to seduce my daddy. It's not just me, who wants my daddy... all my girlfriends think he's hot. I think today I will seduce him. I will make him mine, and I'll tape it so he can't back out. If he tries to take the tape away, I'll lie and tell him that my girlfriend has the feed live on her computer. My daddy doesn't know squat about electronics.. it'll work, it'll definitely work if I can make him afraid. He'll be mine forever, and I make him lay naked while I text my girlfriends to come over. We're all going to have our way with him. Watch my dreams come true.


«Lucky Dad ;)»
«My daughters friend came to alton towers last week she was flirting with me all day when we were queuing for the haunted house she said that if she gets scared she might have to sit in my lap and then whispered to me I hope i dont wet myself over u. She stayed the night and the next day I found her creamy wet panties in my jacket pocket they were sopping wet she’s quite the looker might have to give her what she wants»
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