Daughter giving herself as present for her parents


It was just Cameryn and Daddy now...Mom left a couple of years ago, leaving Dad alone to raise Cameryn...Earlier this morning when Dad was walking out of the shower Cameryn caught a glimpse of Dad wearing only a towel...She saw Dad's bulge in full view...This was not the first cock she has scene and certainly not the last but she had to have Daddy... After then initial shock of rough sex with Daddy, Cameryn wanted more...Throughout the day, Cameryn fucked her Daddy in different rooms of the office...Daddy had work to do but Cameryn could not get enough, she is insatiable... Mom and Dad have been together for 20-years...Cameryn wanted to buy the perfect gift but funds are running very low for her...Cameryn thought what could be the greatest gift that only a loving daughter could give her parents...She thought long and hard and came up with the perfect present...Giving herself to Mom and Dad would be the best gift of all... Cameryn was so happy to have Daddy all to herself...She begged for Daddy's cock and begged for Daddy to fuck her harder and harder...Cameryn loved having her Daddy inside and hoped tonight would never end...Mom leaving the room was the best thing that could have happened...But it was almost dinner time and Daddy had to wrap up...Cameryn wanted to show how much she loved her Daddy and asked him to cum in her mouth...Daddy agreed but first wanted to titty fuck Cameryn...Cameryn pulled her loved size D breasts out and let Daddy rub his cock all over...Daddy did not last long and opened up Nikki's mouth...Daddy shot his seed down Cameryn's mouth and let her swallow every drop...Daddy made sure Cameryn did not spill a drop and rubbed his cock all over her mouth...It was now dinner time and the two left to meet up with Mom...

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