Daughter helping dad build stamina so he can please mom


We shouldn't be doing this sweetie.. It's ok, just relax.. We already talked about this I shouldn't have told you everything that happened between your mother and I.. I know your nervous and I want to help you It's embarrassing enough that I cum too soon when her and I have sex, but this... My boyriend used to have the same problem but we worked through it and now we have great sex! Really? I do want to please your mom, but this is innapropriate.. My daughter treats me so well, I never expected her to help me out with my issue in bed.. All I want is to be able to last longer like I did when I was in my 20's. Now Cadence knows about my dilemma.. and she wants to help me!! It seems so wrong to do this with my daughter... Watch her tease and ride me until I finally bust my nut all over her beautiful wet pussy!!

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fdggfdgfdg| 1 year ago

who broke this dude's dick? god damn...