Daughter teases dad with pleasure grinding

Relaxing in her hotel room Molly touches herself in her cute panties. She moans softly as she pleasures her pussy. “Why don't you come in here and kiss me?” Molly asks. Daddy kisses her body softly making her squirm. Their mouths meet and their tongues flicker from one to another. They kiss passionately on the bed. Sliding in between her legs Daddy pulls down her bra and kisses her sensitive nipples. She gets on top of him and grinds on his cock. Her moans are muffled as she kisses him, roughly rubbing her body against him. It's the ultimate sexy tease. Molly sits up and rides on top of Daddy. Her panties wet, she thrusts her hips against him. He pushes her down onto the bed and grinds against her. Their mouths entwine as he pins her down to the bed. Daddy pushes her panties to the side and licks the sweet wet pussy of his Daughter. Molly is so turned on she feels like she's going to burst. His grinding against her sends shocks of pleasure. Molly is so horny she's ready to do whatever she's told. “Enough of that grinding daddy” Molly says pulling out her daddy's big cock and licking it. It feels so wrong sucking her fathers cock. On vacation they shared a hotel room together and innocent play led to his cock getting hard against her tight body. Now she wants to suck your big dick and make you feel good. “Do you like it when I suck your cock daddy?” Her large breasts rest against your legs as she sucks you better than her mom ever did. Her tongue goes to your balls an she plays with them in her mouth. Molly really loves cock and shows you how much she loves her daddy by jerking you until you explodes in her hands. “You made a mess daddy” she tells you taking the cum from her fingers and sucking them. “Go clean yourself up” she giggles as she leaves. This is going to be the best vacation ever.

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