Daughter wants to be the queen of the house


It was almost 8A.M.and Cherry was late for school...She was playing around with the internet when Dad came downstairs to check on her...Dad was dressed for work and walked downstairs to check on Cherry...He walked up from behind her, not noticing anything was wrong...Dad asked why Cherry was late for school...As Daddy was asking Cherry she turned around...Cherry was completely naked... Dad was in shook...He has not seen Cherry nude since she was a baby...Cherry reminded Daddy her birthday was coming and she really wanted a horsey...She offered up a blowjob every day of the week to convince a Daddy to buy her a horsey...Daddy wanted Cherry to get dressed and ready for school...He then remember Mom has not sucked his cock in over a year... Cherry now had Daddy in the palm of her hand and his cock in her mouth...Mom was upstairs and the two had to be quick and quiet...Cherry begged for Daddy to cum in her mouth and Daddy did just that...The two cleaned up and went their separate ways, till later in the day... Later that Day, Mom, Cherry and Dad were sitting on the couch watching TV...Mom was feeling something strange...An odd tension with Daddy and Cherry...Cory looked over and saw Cherry resting her head on Daddy's shoulder...Cherry was too old to sit this close to Daddy and Mom was not happy...Mom wanted this to stop and walked away... Cherry spent her weekend with Daddy...Mom was away on a business trip, to recover from what she thought was going on with Cherry and Daddy...Cherry wants to be the queen of the house and asked for something special today...Cherry asked Daddy to cum inside her pussy...Cherry wants Daddy's baby...Daddy slips and forgets to pull out and leaves his seed in Cherry...Cherry could not be happier and promises Daddy one more fuck when Mom returns... At midnight Cherry tip toed into Daddy's room...Mom and Daddy were sleeping but Cherry was horny and wanted one more fuck with Daddy...Cherry goes down on Daddy and begins to suck him off...Daddy looked down and told Cherry to suck quietly...Cherry was so horny she could not contain herself...She wanted to fuck Daddy but not in the same room as Mom...Daddy and Cherry walk to the living room for one last fuck and cream pie...

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