Don't Leave Mommy


Everything Mom tried to do to cheer her son up just wasn't working. His heart was broken. Harlo had met the girl of his dreams and fell in love. But after almost 3 months of pure bliss, out of the blue she told him it was over. No explanation, nothing. He was devastated. Not even his favorite sundae would help ease his pain. Mom told him that little girls just do that sometimes. They don't know what they want. He was too good for her anyways and he needed a real woman someone like his Mother. Who could take care of him and make him feel like a man! Mom told him that what she tried to explain to his worthless girlfriend last week. Harlo couldn't believe what he was hearing. This was his Mom's fault? The never ending darkness inside of him was the cause of something his Mom said to the love of his life! He got up from the table, starting yelling at her and then stormed away! She ran after him saying it was for the best and she didn't really love him. She was trying to take him away from his Mother. She could never love him like his Mommy does! Harlo explained to her that she fulfilled his desires. Every desire. Something his Mom would not understand. But she does and she tells him she could be more to him. She could make all of his fantasies come true. She leans in and kisses her Son. He pushes her away and slams her up against the wall. He kisses her harder. Just as they started to get even more intimate a car horn honks at them and brings them back to reality. She grabs him and says they needed to go somewhere else so she could show him how much Mommy needs him. They continue when they get home barely able to keep their hands off each other as they fall onto the couch. She shows him things he had only seen on the internet! Mom made sure that he loved her pussy more then any other! He told her he was about to cum and Mom said to cum inside of her and give her a Son and a little Brother for him! As he flooded her pussy with his cum she told him that he could never leave her now. His cock still hard Mommy asked him if he wanted to cum again? He nodded and she licks the cum off his cock. In the end her baby boy cums again and this time all over Mommy's face and glasses!

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