Exercise routines with my mom


My mom took me to the doctors for my yearly checkup and the doctor said he was really concerned with how over weight i was. i knew my mom wasn't gonna let that go and when we got home mom cornered me in the living room. she told me she was really worried about my weight and said starting tomorrow morning i was going to start working out with her, i wasn't thrilled to heat that. the next morning mom burst in my room and pulled me out of bed, she told me to meet her in the living in 2 minutes. im not a morning person and on top of that mom wasn't giving me a chance to jerk off like i did every morning, so off i went. mom was already doing some stretching when i walked out, she was wearing a sports bra and some supper sexy yoga pants that really showed off her juicy ass. i shook my head, i didn't want to think of my mom that way. i told my mom that i was ready but i really didn't know what to do, so she said for the first day i would just sit in the couch and watch her to learn the workout routine. i settled into the couch and watch mom start her workout out, i couldn't get over how good mom looked and before i knew it my dick was rock hard. i knew it was risky but i decided to go for it, while mom was on all fours in front of me facing the other way i pulled my cock out and started jerking off. after a few minutes of jerking and a couple close calls on getting caught i knew i was getting close to cumming. i asked mom if i could use the bathroom really fast, i jerked off in the bathroom and the whole time i was trying to figure out what i was going to do about my boner tomorrow when i exercised with mom! My mom burst through my door at 6 am this morning to make sure i was up and ready to workout, i wasn't. she made me get out of bed and told me get dressed and meet her out in the living room. i was more then a little annoyed about it all but i was really annoyed because mom was giving me time to take care of my morning wood. i met mom in the living room and she was already doing some stretches wearing some sexy yoga pants and a black sports bra. with what she was wearing my morning wood was even worse, so we got started with our stretches. i wasn't that good at yoga normally but with a boner it was even worse and really getting in the way if you know what i mean! mom kept asking me if i was ok and i tried to tell her i was fine but finally i couldn't take it anymore. i told mom about my morning wood and i couldn't workout with it, she looked thoughtful for a minute then told me to sit down on the couch and left the room. she came back in a minute later and handed me a bottle of lube, she told me to take care of myself so we could work out. i asked if she was just gonna stand there or leave the room, she told me just to hurry up and she kept standing there. i started jerking off in front of my mom and she kept hurry me, finally i told her if she would assume sexy poses that would help and she did! jerking off in front of my mom before we work out in the morning has me looking forward to our next workout! Like every morning mom came into to get me up and out of bed for our morning exercise routine. she was really cheerful and said she was so proud of how hard i worked yesterday morning after i took care of my "situation". i thanked her for the compliment and said i would get dressed and be out soon, she left the room and i got ready. i found mom out in the living room doing some exercises, she greeted me and asked if i was ready to get started. i told her i really wanted to get started but like yesterday i had morning wood, she wasn't happy to hear that and started lecturing me. once she finished i asked her if she could let me use her lube again to take care of myself, she told me to sit down on the couch and she would be back. i was sitting in the couch with my shorts around my ankles when mom came back into the room carrying a bottle of lube. i figured she would put the lube in my hands and then have me masturbate in front of her which was pretty hot and fine with me buy boy was i wrong. mom dropped down between my legs, put some lube on her hands and grabbed my cock. i was shocked and mom could tell and she told me she thought she could do it faster then i could. i sat there and just relax thing in the morning as my beautiful mom stroked my cock. now this is how a guy should really stretch before he exercises! Mom walked in like she has every morning to get me up for our workouts. she turned my light on and started pushing me to get up and get ready. she started telling me how happy and proud she was with how hard i had been working and knew that it would pay off for me. seeing how cheerful she was i figured it was time to to roll the dice and see what happened. i told her if she really wanted to help motivate me to workout she could work out topless! she asked it that would really help and i said yes, she smiled and told me she would see me out there. i walked out to the living room and mom was doing her stretches TOPLESS, she smiled at me and asked if i was ready to get started? i asked her if she could help take care of my morning wood before we worked out, she said yes and told me to have a seat. i pulled my pants down and my topless mom lowered herself between my legs, she asked for the lube. i told mom i was out of lube, she asked if she go give me a handjob with out it? i told her that it would her me without lube, she asked what she was suppose to do then, i smiled and told her she could use her mouth. she was shocked but after i begged for a few minutes she reluctantly agreed. mom sucked me dry and then we had a awesome workout together! My mom came in this morning to get me up for our workout and to my surprise she was naked! she tried to play it off like it was n big deal, she told me to hurry up and get ready. she shook her sexy ass at me and then ran out of the room giggling. i walked out into the living room and mom was doing naked yoga, she doing in the downward facing position. i was naked to and my dick was rick hard. i was caught in a trance, i know my mom was talking but i really couldn't hear what she was saying. i walked up behind her and before she knew what was happening i slid my dick inside of her. mom screamed and started to protest but i just started pounding her hard and before long her angry screams became moans of pleasure. after mom had her first orgasm i convinced mom to move to my bedroom and we continued to fuck all morning. now our new morning workout routine was waiting for dad to leave and than fucking like jack rabbits.

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