Exploit Me Daddy


Dear Diary, I came home for Spring Break and my younger sister Zoey confided in me that Daddy was recording her every move and posting it on the internet. What was even more shocking was when she told me she was enjoying it a lot and making good money too. Even though it was my Daddy we were talking about I had to admit I got pretty turned on. The next day I went into Daddys office determined to make some money for myself. When I confronted him about it he tried to talk me out of it when something inside me snapped. I hopped up on his desk and started teasing his cock. He started to protest so I unzipped his pants and started sucking his cock. My doing that must have abated his fears of mom finding out and he started playing with my tits and pussy. I rode daddys cock while he sat comfortably in his chair. My skills with my ass muscles really got him going and soon he bent me over the desk and took me from behind. Daddy exploded deep inside me forgetting I'm not on the pill. This could be disastrous. Dear Diary My work with Daddy has been keeping my desires very high for some reason. The other day after mom left Daddy was walking by in his bathrobe and I made him sit with me. Knowing he was naked under his robe really got my juices flowing and I blew him right there on the couch. Within minutes we were screwing like rabbits on the couch. I rode daddys cock like a bitch in heat and came several times. Daddy bent me over doggystyle and really pounded my pussy making me scream in ecstacy. This time when he was ready to cum he pulled out and covered my ass in his jizz. I really like when he does that. Dear Diary Every time I'm on cam for Daddy I imagine all the kinky things sissy and I have done with him.... and each other. I found out I was pregnant so that may have something to do with it or it could just be that I'm a twisted nympho. At any rate we have been having lots of kinky fun when mommies gone. Dear Diary I am in my 7th month now and I can't believe the money I'm making for pregnant porn. Mom found some proof of what was going on that I "accidently" left lying around. She gave daddy the house and now Zoey and I have fun with daddy all day long, we're just one big happy family. I wonder if my stepdad ever told Zoey sh was adopted ;)

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