Family game night takes on an interesting twist


This Family Game Night takes on an "interesting" twist!!! Josey, and her husband...and their two boys, Jack and Troy sit down to try out a new board game that Dad found at Walmart. Friday Night is always Game Night...but this Game is about to take this entire Family on the thrill ride of a lifetime!!! The Game instructs older Son Jack to grope his Mom's Boobs....the Game instructs Mom to suck younger Son Troy's cock until the timer runs instructs Dad to lick Mom's cunt for the duration of the timer, as both boys watch....and then......Mom wins the Game by drawing the "Taboo fuckfest" card!!! This means two things....Mom wins the Game.....AND....all players must Fuck the winner!!! Dad and the two boys Gang Bang Mom big time!!! Mom's hands and mouth, and cunt are all full!! At one point the three guys bend Mom over the kitchen table and do a rapid fire Fuck of 10 seconds each...then switch. Jack and Dad Spit Roast Mom.....and one by one....they all unload sperm on Mom!! By the end of the fuckfest, Mom has an ear to ear smile on her face!!! This was the best Family Game Night ever!!

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Bob| 9 months ago


Kris| 10 months ago

Great familyfun.