Father & mother trying to give daughter some positive parenting


Cory's daughter Pressley has been acting out, tormenting and teasing her mother. When Cory works out Pressley pushes her off her machine, when Cory has breakfast, Pressley walks into the kitchen naked taking her mother's breakfast. "I'm 18 now I can do whatever I want now" Pressley yells at her. "U need to talk to your daughter" Cory tells her husband. He sighs, knowing this day would come and just how to handle it. He tells her that he has everything under control. He finds Pressley dressed like a slut chatting on the phone with her bitch friends. ng up the phonee tells her. When she starts back talking him he slaps her across the face so hard that it knocks her to the couch. "Are you fucking crazy, what are you doinghe yells at him. He pulls off her tiny white panties and takes off her top as she struggles against him. "Dad please I get ithe pleads with him before he makes her suck his cock and fucks her silly. She promises to never disrespect her mother again as her dad fills her with white hot discipline and tells her to get dressed. Pressley is going to get revenge on her bitch mother for making her father fuck her. Cory lays down the law with Pressley telling her exactly how it's going to be from this point on. "Fuck this !" Pressley yells at her. want to make you feel how dad made me feel!" She roughly pulls off her mothers clothes stripping her naked before pulling off her own clothes. "I'll show you what dad taught me!he says shoving her mom's face between her legs. it!, how does it feel!he yells."This is so wrong" Cory tells her, sobbing into her daughters pussy while she makes Pressley cum. Cory tells her husband all about what happened. She needs him to put his daughter in her place! u have to fix this, whatever you have to do!" He finds his daughter quietly sleeping and pulls off her covers. He strips her naked before waking her up with his cock in her mouth. at the hell!he manages to say before cock mutes her bitchy mouth. "Dad what are you doing!he shouts. "Dad please I promise I wont do it again!he yells at him, his hard cock driving into her tight naughty pussy. His hard hands squeeze her breasts as he uses her like a fuck doll. The louder she screams the harder he fucks her. He holds her face and cums all over her rebellious mouth. Covered in cum she has a look of pure horror and promises to be good. "Are you going to fuck me again daddy?" Pressley says as she's thrown to the couch. She taunts him and he slaps her ass with his belt and strips her of her slutty underwear. She knows she has no choice but to suck her dad's hard cock and be fucked like a whore. Part of her even likes it. Closing her eyes she yells that she's learned her lesson. "Dad!he pleads with him, unable to escape his hard fucking. He cums all over her tight little pussy, covering her trimmed bush. "I'm going to be a good from now onhe tells him, disgusted, used, and properly disciplined.

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