For valentine i'll have anal with my brother


Ariana gets stood up by her boyfriend on valentines day. Her brother overhears her crying and comes into the room to see what's wrong. She tells him that she got all dressed up and has been waiting for two hours. He tries to make her feel better but when it doesn't seem to be working he tells her he will be right back. He comes back with a giant stuffed bear and tells her that she doesn't need a stupid boy as long as she has her brother. He leaves and Ariana tries on the lingerie she was going to wear for her boyfriend that night. She starts to masturbate and think about her brother, she is so happy that he is there for her. Her brother overhears Ariana moaning and spies on her while stroking his cock. He bumps something and she hears him. He walks over to her and sticks his dick in her mouth. She starts to suck it before he bends her over and fucks her soaking wet, creamy pussy from the back. Her brother then goes to slide it in her tight asshole. Ariana protest but he shushes her and tells her to be a good sister. He shoves his dick in her ass and fucks her hard. She gets into and asks to ride his dick. It is in this position that he fills her asshole with his load. Ariana lets it all pour out before getting fucked more in the ass and showing off her gape. Ariana finally takes his cock in her mouth again and tastes her ass. He shoots his cum a second time all over her tongue. Ariana swallows this load. It turned out to be a pretty good valentines day.

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