Getting summer school from mom


It's summertime & your mom is preparing your next school lesson. It's very hot in the house, and mom is bent over at the computer, wearing only a shirt & thong. You walk into the living room, see her bare ass & your cock gets hard. She doesn't notice you at first and by the time she turns around, you have a raging hard-on. She realizes that you don't know what's going on with your own body & decides that this can be your next lesson.

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[email protected]| 3 months ago

my mom walks around house like that in bras and panties and sometimes when its to hot she is completly nude its normal for me because we live alone and have no secrets between us...she knows that I get excited and lets me to jerk near her so that I can watch and I have a lot to see hehehe big bubble but and big tits size E all natural.These are her words "if you want you can touch my ass and tits but you cant ever touch or penetrate my pussy"...last time I entered in her bedroom and she was sleeping on her stomach,
I lay down next to her on my side and started to masturbate...slowly I turn her on her side so that I can see asshole and start to touch her butt...after a while I felt like Im going to cum and I imediatly positioned myself over her but and put tip of my dick in her ass and cum al over her ass...

Technopirate| 2 years ago

These two usually have videos that are hot as fuck. Love her pale bubble butt.