Helping hand from slutty sister


I don't really know how wrong this is, but lately every time I see my little sister my dick gets HARD. I mean she isn't that little anymore, I actually heard her making noise in her room one night and of course I looked in, she was having some kind of intense sex dream. moaning, moving her hips. I me. I had to go jerk off like three times. But then I thought, maybe next time she is sleeping, I could help her have a REALLY good wet dream. Fucking my sister has made things so much worse. I can't even be in the room with her now. So I decide to tell her I need help, I need her to take care of my raging hard cock. She says no at first, but I push and push and finally whip it out, and that does it, she starts off like she is doing me a favor, but she starts getting horny, and it goes better than I could hope with her moaning and cumming all over my cock. I think that first sleepy fuck got something going in the back of her mind. Kelly got really weird around me after we fucked like wild. She won't really talk to me and I am feeling . But still, thinking about that tiny tight pussy so hot and squeezing on my cock while she kept cumming over and over, it is all I can think about. I am in my room, starting to jack off, and Kelly comes in. She has been thinking about my cock. and she wants to take care of me...My sister is now totally trained to want to take care of my cock all the time!!

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