Hot tub fun with cousin & uncle


Loni is visiting her cousin Willow and uncle Miles, they are about to go get into the hot tub, when Willow pulls her aside, she tells her that she has been seeing someone, someone who fucks her brains out, and it's her dad. Loni is a little taken aback by this, she admits he is hot, but it seems a little weird. Willow tells her that if she'd like to have some fun, she's willing to share her daddy. Loni tells her that she isn't sure, and will watch from the window and decide from there. Willow goes out to the hot tub and starts to talk to her dad, they then starts kissing, then he hops up and pulls his hard cock out of his shorts and Willow starts to suck it like a pro. Inside, Loni is watching, and getting very excited, after some good blow job fun, she decides to come out and play. Uncle Miles has a great cock and it isn't long until it's deep in Loni's mouth. He picks her up and starts to fuck her sitting on the side, then he fucks her in the hot tub. He pulls both girls out and makes them worship his cock, before pounding Willow again, then Loni until he cums!

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Oh hey that's Sergeant Miles, he does gay porn too