I am all Mom needs

<span class="post-b">PART ONE</span><span class="post-br"> </span>I am on my way out, and my mom stops me. She wants me to stay home with her. She explains she knows the only reason buys my age go out is to get girls, she tells me I don't need to do that, she takes off her robe, "they don't have what I have" she says...<span class="post-br"> </span><span class="post-b">PART TWO</span><span class="post-br"> </span>It's been over a week since my mom showed me how much better she is than girls my age, but it hasn't happened since. I can't stop thinking about it. Tonight, she comes to my room, she knows I have been jerking off over her over and over everyday, it makes her happy. She tells me we can do it one last time<span class="post-br"> </span><span class="post-b">PART THREE</span> I can't take no for an answer, I have to have my mom again, nothing compares to what she feels like, the way she does things...

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