I Caught My Cousins And It Really Turned Me On


Dear Diary, I went away for the weekend with my cousins and we went to the beach one afternoon. Violet and her step-brother went for a walk and the way they were carrying on made me want to follow. They went behind a building and I peeped on them cautiously. They started making out which really shocked me but I couldn't stop watching. Violet started sucking his cock and I watched for several minutes til I knocked something over and ran off. I hope they didn't see me. All through dinner and a board game I couldn't take my mind off what I saw so I turned in early. Apparently that signaled Violet to take advantage of her time alone with her step-brother. I heard them going at it hot and heavy making myy virgin pussy quiver. I snuck down the hall and began watching my cousins fucking. It was so hot I started to touch myself then her step-brother started talking sexually about me and I came just as Violet did. I moaned OH God so loudly they overheard and I ran off to my room. I'm so Ashamed to be turned on like this. Is it because I've never had sex or something more? Love Emily

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