I let dad tie me up before he fucks me


Dear Diary, Great News I beat the cancer completely. When I got home I couldn't wait to celebrate with Papi. I had found some of moms old journals when I was recovering at home between procedures and discovered Papi was pretty kinky. I asked him to do something special and tie me up before he fuckd me and he agreed. Papi hogcuffed me naked on the bed and used a vibrating wand to make me cum a few times then he spanked me and it felt soo good. Papi started getting really turned on and made me suck his cock. Once it was nice and wet he unhooked one of my legs and slid his cock in my pussy. I started cumming almost immediately moaning his name. Papi fucked my little pussy until it was soaked and thoroughly satisfied before exploding inside me himself. I wonder if I can get pregnant this soon after chemo? Love Jessi

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