I Still Want You


It had been almost a year since Naomi and I had last talked. After I left for college it only took a few months for us to start drifting apart. I hadn't planned on it but I guess long distance relationships usually never work. Eventually I started seeing someone else, and when I told her she seemed more disappointed than angry... Even though we stopped talking I would sometimes hear about how she was doing when I talked my Step-Mom. She was doing well in school, had a new boyfriend, and it sounded like she was happy... When I finally came home to go on a family vacation I was definitely worried about seeing her again, but she seemed normal. It wasn't until we arrived at the condo that my step-sister mentioned what happened between us. She said she was seeing someone and she didn't want things to get weird between us again. I agreed and told her I felt the same way. We would just be step-brother and step-sister again... But it didn't take very long before it seemed like we both still wanted something more....

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