I'm Ready Daddy


Daddy, Mommy just left... No Daddy, I want to play now. You can work later... Do you like my new dress Daddy?... See, doesn't that feel better than work?... Can we do more this time Daddy? Please, you promised. And I've been really good... Please Daddy, I'm ready to go all the way....

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Anonymous| 1 year ago


Darek| 1 year ago

Dad and dothe

DaddysLilSecret| 1 year ago

I love when Daddy makes my lil cunny feel nice and then he pours his gooey warm Daddy's love inside me. Daddy says it's only for me cuz I'm his special little girl. I love Daddy and will do anything for him

technopirate| 1 year ago

Good grief that little girl voice makes me hard as fuck