Impregnating My Girlfriends Hot Mom

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it was early in the morning before school, and I had just walked into my girlfriend Ashley’s house when I heard her mom Lauryn calling for me. I followed the sound of her voice and found her in the kitchen, we made a little small talk then she told me she had something important she wanted to talk with me about. I instantly got worried; I was trying to fuck her daughter after all! So of course Ashley and her mom talk about everything and Ashely had told her that I had been trying to get sex out of her. Lauryn told me that her daughter had a bright future ahead of her and she didn’t want me distracting her or doing something crazy like getting her daughter pregnant! She said if I wanted to keep seeing her daughter or even be allowed in their house, I needed to promise to keep it in my pants. I didn’t want her calling my parents or even worse telling Ashley’s dad, he would totally kick my ass. I of course agreed and promised that I would behave myself, knowing full well this weekend when Ashley’s dad was out of town and her mom would be in bed I was going to be sneaking into the house to fuck Ashely’s brains out! Lauryn seemed happy and we both agreed to keep this conversation between the two of us, pretty soon Ashely came downstairs and we headed off to school. When the weekend rolled around I couldn’t wait for the sun to go down so I could finally get laid, once it was late enough I went to the backdoor that Ashley had left unlocked for me and crept inside. I was right down the hall from Ashley’s room when my I got the hell scarred out of me! I heard a very angry voice behind me whisper yell KYLE! I turned around and saw Lauryn standing there with a super pissed off look on her face and I knew I was totally fucked! Lauryn told me to get in room, she wanted to talk to me. I really thought about just making a run for it but I knew I was caught so I just lowered my head and walked in to the master bedroom, what happened next blew my mind! Lauryn spent a couple of minutes scolding me for breaking my promise and trying to sneak in her house, I figured at any point her husband was going to come in and kick my ass or she was going to call the cops but I couldn’t do anything but sit there and say I was sorry. Then she said something that I really didn’t expect, she told me she didn’t have any choice but to take matters into her own hands. I wasn’t sure what she meant but before I could ask she told me to strip naked and lay on her bed, given I was screwed I just did as I was told. So as I was laying on my girlfriends parents bed naked her mom walked back out from the bathroom in a robe, I don’t know If it was the fear or excitement but my dick was rock hard when I saw her. She told me since I couldn’t keep my hormones in check when it came to her daughter Lauryn was going to be the one to take care of my needs. I was shocked and speechless but before I could even process what she said she dropped her robe and revealed she was wearing a sexy matching bra and pantie set. She told me that as long as we kept this a secret, especially from her daughter and husband then I could just come to her when I was feeling horny. I eagerly agreed and she back a sexy slow strip tease, then once my girlfriend’s hot mom was completely naked the real fun began. She crawled up on the bed in between my legs and started sucking me off, I swear I almost busted my nut right then and there but I held back hoping for more. I asked her since she wasn’t going to let me fuck her daughter did that mean I got to fuck her? She pulled my dick out of her mouth and said yes then stood up over me and lowered her delicious pussy don’t onto my rock hard dick. So fucking my girlfriends mom was already the greatest thing ever to happen to me but doing it in the bed she shared with her husband and with my girlfriend her daughter right upstairs made it even better. I fucked her in as many positions as I could but once I got her into doggy style it was more than I could take and I blew my load deep inside of her. I fuck my girlfriends mom as often as I can now and to be honest I don’t even want to keep dating Ashley but her mother fucks to good for me to ever end things!