It feels good to be back home after prison


Jane’s step-son has been locked up behind bars in prison for the last two years. Today is the day he finally comes home! She has sent step-dad off to pick him up and decorated the house for a welcome home party. Her step-son unexpectedly comes in the front door dropped off by a taxi. Step-Dad never showed up. Step-Mom feels awful. Her heart is broken for the way the family is treating her boy after one screw up. She wants to console him, hug him, make him feel better, but in doing so, she inadvertently gives him a hard on! She feels embarrassed, she didn’t mean for this to happen! Her step-son is so turned on. It’s been years since he felt the touch of a woman. He grabs his step-mother's breasts, then slides his hand inside her pants. He can feel that she is wet. He talks her out of her clothes and into bra and panties. He wants to feel her soft hands stroke his cock. She gets on her knees in front of him right there in the living room and gives him a hand job. He feels so much better and closer to his step-mom than ever. Wade comes in the kitchen to find his step-mom making his favorite meal for him, chicken pie! He is so happy she is welcoming him home so graciously, but saddened to hear that step-dad is out an another bender at the bar. He knows his step-mother isn’t being taken care of in the most important way. He tells her how good it felt with her the day before when she was stroking him. He asks her if she will cook for him in her bra and panties while he watches. She agrees. She only wants to please her boy. He soon gets a very noticeable hard on. After seeing step-mom take a sip of water from her straw, he realizes he has to have her mouth on his hard cock. He asks her to suck him. He needs it. She agrees and sits down in front of his open legs and takes his big, hard cock deep into her mouth. He asks her to take off her bra so he can stare at her beautiful, natural tits. She agrees. She continues to suck her step-son until he cums down the back of her throat and swallows for him. He feels so much better now. Step-Mom did a great job. Step-Mom calls Wade into her bedroom. She is super worried about the choices he has been making since he has been home from jail and the people he has decided to hang around. It’s the same crowd that got him into trouble in the first place. She tells him of her concerns and he agrees it hasn’t been the best decision. He is just trying to find a good, perfect woman, just like his step-mother. He loves her so much. He compliments her, tells her how pretty and perfect she is. She is very flattered. He reminds her how step-dad isn’t taking care of her. She deserves better. She needs better. She needs him. He starts touching his step-mother and lifting up her dress. He asks her to take it off for him. It’s been so long since he’s been with a woman, he wants to make sure he hasn’t forgotten how. He’ll never find a girl to date if he can’t properly fuck her. He needs moms help again. She tells him to lie down on her bed. She strips for him and climbs up next to him. She starts stroking and sucking him, making his big dick rock hard. She then climbs on top of him and puts his cock deep inside her pussy. She rides him hard, bouncing her natural tits in his face. He wants to get on top of his step-mother now, she lies down and lets him pound her pussy hard until she cums all over his cock. He then fucks her doggy. It feels so good for both of them. He can’t hold it in much longer. He explodes deep inside his step-mother’s pussy. They both feel so much better now.

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