Just this once

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Description: Your girlfriend just broke up with you so you got drunk. It's very late at night when you show up at your sister's door looking for consolation. She begins to comfort you, but you've noticed she's not wearing a bra, and you're lonely, so you lean in for a kiss. Appalled, she pushes you away. She gives you a blanket & tells you to sleep it off on her couch.<span class="post-br"> </span>The next morning you're still trying to push away thoughts of your ex girlfriend so you decide to alleviate your morning wood with a good stroke. Sister walks in on you & she's pretty upset. She covers up your cock with the blanket, but it's still rock hard as she tries to talk to you. It keeps dancing around under the covers. It's very distracting for her, and you see an opportunity. At first she thinks that you were just doing your business, but then she realizes that you wanted her to walk in on you. She's dismayed & doesn't know what to do.<span class="post-br"> </span>She tries to turn it around, suggests you go out for breakfast. Instead, you touch your cock & grab her tit. It turns out that sister is lonely too because when you lean in for a kiss again, she kisses back. "I might be a little wet," she says, so you touch her pussy & realize she's very wet. "Maybe we can make an agreement," she breathlessly says as she rubs herself. "This will be the only time this ever happens. Then we'll just be brother and sister again." You put your throbbing cock into your sister's pussy.<span class="post-br"> </span>"This is so wrong, but it feels so good," she says as you thrust in and out of her. She tells you your cock is so big then asks if she can ride it. She rides you cowgirl then turns around to show you her ass. You slap it & she rides you hard in reverse cowgirl. "Maybe it's good to get some of that ch1l.dho0d aggression out." Even though she's having fun, sister won't let you cum inside her. Instead she suggests that you cum on her tits. "I know you've been staring at them for most of your life. Perhaps it's time you fulfill a fantasy."
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Models: Lady Fyre