Keeping my fathers secrets


Dear Diary Daddy has been away quite often on business trips and until the other day I didn't think much of it. I was in town wih a girlfriend and caught a glimpse of Daddy getting in a car. The next day I went back at the same time and followed Daddy to a big warehouse.I waited til he left and I snuck in to check things out. I found Daddys office and began to search it. I found a very hot video on his office computer and I figured out it was Daddy in the video. Something about seeing him with other young girls made me very horny and I began to masturbate. I was so into making myself cum I didn't hear Daddy walk in. He was shocked to find me there but not as shocked as when I told him I wanted in. It barely took me threatening to tell mom and he agreed. I auditioned for him right there sucking his cock and then letting him fuck me on the desk. I must have what it takes because Daddy came super quick. More Later Autumn Dear Diary Things with Daddy have been really intense. The other night I waited up for him after a cast party. He came stumbling in and crashed on my bed. I was so horny I didn't care as long as I got to use his cock. I sucked Daddys cock awhile and he began to stir. He groggily played with my pussy then had me sit on his face. Daddy made me cum a few times then bent me over on the bed. He fucked me doggystyle for a bit then laid me on my back. His cock plunged deep and fast while he gripped my throat with both hands. I came really hard and when my pussy clenched Daddy came inside me. I can't believe he did that, I'm not on birth control More Later Autumn Dear Diary, Working with Daddy has been great and my sex drive has been in overdrive. Anytime we are alone all Daddy has to do is look my way and I'm ready to go. He just walks up to me and next thing I know I'm sucking him hard. I really like it when Daddy lets me ride his cock. Something about being in control really gets me wet. I think Daddy likes it too since he enjoys spanking my big ass. We've been having sex like this all the time and Daddy keeps cumming inside me so as you may have guessed I'm pregnant. I hope I can keep My Daddys Secrets from mom until after the divorce then Daddy and I can get married. More Later Autumn

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Husain Basha| 10 months ago

Please call me