Libido enhancing pill for mom


Honey,I am so happy you managed to come home,even though is not for Christmas,I am happy anyway.I want us to celebrate and have some champagne.I wish you a happy new year and I hope this year you'll come home often to visit me.I don't wanna get drunk..I think we should eat something..let me check if is ready (***mom stand up and turn around to check the food and son puts a pill in her drink to make her horny)five minutes and the food is ready.cheers (she drink the champagne and gets all horny,she can't control goes into the bedroom to masturbate,but son goes after her knowing she needs to be can't take it anymore and asks for her son to fuck her hard,make her cum,then drink again and fuck again)

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admin| 7 months ago

What problem are you getting? Screenshot? Location?

Anonymous| 7 months ago

is anyone else having trouble getting the videos to play?

Anonymous| 1 year ago