Massage for mom during quarantine


You and your mother have been quarantined together, without your dad, for nearly two months now. Dad's stuck away on business, and who knows when he can be repatriated? Things are getting tense, with just the two of you for company. And your mother's migraines are getting crazy again, without being able to see her massage therapist. You're not surprised that she's asked you to give her a massage instead...well, not until she suggests taking off her shirt for it. And then...her pants. And then her underwear...and then, when she asks you to massage her breasts, her thighs, her ass, until it's obvious this isn't about a massage anymore. The two of you are starved for affection, for sex, and the only means of recourse you have is each other. What's wrong with that? You're family, after all...

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StayReady| 1 week ago

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