Meko Loves Daddy

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Description: Daddy, I'll do my homework soon, I promise... But I wanted to talk to you about something. There's this boy at school I really like, but I've never done anything with boys before... I know I shouldn't Daddy, but just in case, what if I did a bad job and he doesn't want to date me? I think you could help me a little... Why not? It would be our secret Daddy. I just want to be a good girl and do a good job.... Daddy, I wanted to ask you something again... Our practice sessions have gone really great, and my new boyfriend is very happy with me... So I decided to tell him how much you've helped me. No Daddy, don't freak out. It's okay, my boyfriend think it's really hot. He actually wants us to make a video for him... Please Daddy, it's only for him, I promise no one else will ever see it....
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