Mom and Son 8: Kissing Lessons Taboo

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3 years ago
Scene would be between a mother and her son. I would like all this to be in first person looking at you as much as is possible, though an actual person would be playing the son behind the camera. Also clothes would be really casual and mom like, just something like you wore in the "Mom and Son: Horny boy home from college" video. Also your hair in that one was perfect as well. The first scene will be of you sitting on the couch when your son joins you, in a very normal and casual manner you ask him how his day was and after that how its going with that girl that hes been hanging out with. He explains its not really going anywhere because he doesnt dare take the first step and beyond because he feels insecure about himself because hes inexperienced. Because of this he then he carefully starts asking you for a BIG favor, hes never been with a girl in any capacity and wants you to teach him how to kiss a girl. You act naturally surprised and a bit shocked but he says it wont mean anything he just wants to learn and youre the only woman he can trust this with since youve been living alone together for so long and you'll just carry on as normal afterwards. You say you'll have to think about it. Next scene will be you drinking a big glass of wine in one go (doesn't have to be actual wine of course, as long as its implied) and then going to your sons room and sit next to him on the side of the bed. You say you'll do it because you just want him to feel comfortable with girls in the future but thats its a one time thing and you cant tell anyone that we did this. You initiate and start kissing him without tongue slowly and softly, after a while you stop, the son would then suggest to try with tongue, again this goes slowly but after a while starts heating up more and more and you both let out small moans and then breaks off when the son puts one of his hands on your breast, he apologizes and you say its ok things just got a little heated and you quickly leave the room. Next scene is of you in some sort of nightwear lying on your bed touching yourself, you ask yourself what the hell you are doing but then start touching yourself faster, whispering his name multiple times and then quickly have an orgasm. Next scene you enter his room again and sit next to him on the bed and you both apologize for what happened yesterday but you say you enjoyed it and its ok if the son wants to practice kissing again or maybe other things. The son sort of hesitates but then says he would like it if he felt what a blowjob would be like, he explains hes afraid that the first bj with another girl he would cum too fast and the girl would make fun of him but that he trusts you. You ask him if hes sure and he says yes. you kneel on the floor in front of him and pull his pants and boxers down. You then stroke his cock a bit. The son then asks you if he can see your breasts cause he always wanted to know what they looked like, you unbutton your shirt and take your breasts out of your bra and he feels them a little bit. He says ok then you ask him again of hes sure, he says yes, but you then keep looking at this cock, hesitating and breaving heavily. But after a few seconds you quitely say "oh daniel" and go for it and take it all in, the son will let out small moans but nothing too loud. After a short while the son asks you to stop because he doesnt want to cum yet, you stop for a time stroking him, then after a while he gives the ok to keep going. After a while he says he cant hold back anymore and he cums in your mouth and you let out a bit of a surprised noise, but then make sure you clean him up with your mouth afterwards. During the bj the mom should be a bit nervous/awkward so not be smiling into the camera or something like that. ......Mandy Flores