Mom And Son. Beyond Taboo Mini Break

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1 month ago
An Extremely hot, sensual and intense 38 minute Mommy and Son love vid! P2 out soon! I needed a couple of nights away from my Increasingly disaster of a marriage, to clear my head and feel free… So I decided to take my first and favourite son, and Im not ashamed to admit he IS my absolute favourite. I hadn’t had much quality one on one time with him recently and what better way to relax and re-bond than booking a beautiful 200 year old luxury Georgian apartment.. just us. I could cook, we could talk, laugh, reminisce…. and theres board games, what fun! So…. What happened next Im still asking myself over and over…. how did it switch from a totally normal Mother/son Relationship to… to…..Im finding it hard to even say THAT word …. Me! a Momsy regular housewife in a loveless controlling marriage… Ive committed an extreme Taboo crime of passion…. With my own offspring… I didn’t want to leave our secret nest of forbidden love. I feel so happy, happier than ive ever felt in years. On one hand I feel disgusted and ashamed what we have done….. how can this be so bad and illegal if I feel so content, satisfied and a fire in me has been re ignited. Once you go down This dark forbidden road there really is no going back… I cant go back to my boring miserable life before, I just cant… Penny Loren, MILF, Taboo, Mother/Son, Mommy Roleplay, B/G, Sensual Fucking, Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Cum Swallow, Family, British, English, Hairy Bush, POV from Son, Close Ups, Bath, Nipple Sucking, Big Nipples, Pussy Cream Pie, Fucking, Bareback, Impregnation Risk, Cheating, Virtual Kissing, Voice overs. ENJOY!!!


«This is how it should be.»
«Ha, I guess I should've waited until the end before commenting. This is the first time I've seen her eyes and they did not disappoint. They're just as beautiful as the rest of her.»
«"Do you want to get in the bath with Mommy?"
I'd have been halfway there before she got the full sentence out.
I do wish she'd show her full face. Everything about Penny is just so damn sexy. In my opinion, she's the perfect MILF.
Also, why do so many actresses carry the whole conversation when they've got a male co-star? I think it would add to the realism to let him respond.