Mom and Son: Going All the Way

Hello Mandy, This idea is a follow up of the previous video between the mother and son. Again it would be in first person looking at you as much as possible and the son should be addressed as Daniel, which you can implement once or twice somewhere during the sex parts. In the first scene id like it if you wore like a long t-shirt that you would sleep in, preferably grey but not a necessity. First scene id like it if your hair was something like in the first part of the "Mom Son Awesome Art Project" video. Second scene hair would be the same as in the first video you made for me. In the first scene the cumming part can be implied I don't have to see the actual result. And in the first scene id like it if the lighting is a bit dimmed, or at least that its not too bright. First scene the son will enter the living room and sits next to you on the couch. Hes been on a date with his girlfriend and afterwards took her back to your home. You ask him how everything went and he tells you it went well and he even made out with her in his room but she was very tired and wanted to sleep. You ask if shes a good kisser, he then responds with "Yeah but not as good as you." You get angry with him and he apologizes but says he cant stop thinking about what happened a few weeks ago. Still angry you say you're going to bed, you get up but he convinces you to stay and watch a movie together. Flash forward and the movie ended and he tells you goodnight and gives you a kiss on the cheek, you do the same to him but he leans into your face and kisses you on the lips. You push him away but he then moves in again and starts kissing your neck, you let out a little moan but eventually angrily push him away again and tell him to stop. You then ask him with he wants and he says "you", you tell him to stop it and that his girlfriend is in the next room, he says its ok shes probably . You stare at him breathing heavily, he then puts his hand on your breast and start squeezing it, you put your hand on his arm but you're not fighting him anymore and he leans in again and you both start making out intensely. You then start undoing his belt and pull his pants and boxers down. You wait a moment before you start stroking him for about 10 seconds before nervously asking "do you want this" he says yes and you get on top of him, he puts his hands under your shirt to grab your breasts but you then take it off entirely, you then slowly slide his cock into you and ride him gently but quickly pick up the pace and ride him hard. He then cums in a little more then a minute. During the sex you both let out quiet moans but when he cums he lets out a big moan and you put your hand over his mouth and shush him.

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