Mom finds out i'm trying to replace her


Her older boyfriend had enough...He could not relate to her...The sex was amazing but that was the only thing they had...Sex three times a day was not enough for Briella's boyfriend...There was nothing left that Briella could do and he left...Briella really did not care for her boyfriend, she liked older guys...She thought to herself, who could take the place of my boyfriend??? Daddy Can!!! Briella came home and found Daddy on the couch...Dad was watching TV not noticing Briella, but she wanted Daddy's cock...She started on his leg first and then worked her way up his leg...Briella could see his cock growing and Dad was not putting up much resistance and before Daddy could say no, his cock was in her mouth... Briella found her new older man but first she wants Daddy to cum in her mouth... Briella and Daddy are spending some quality time on the couch...Briella is practically sitting on Daddy's lap when Mom walks in...Mom is not stupid, she knows something is going on and she is disgusted at that image... Nothing is going on yet, but Mom decides to leave the room..Briella waits for Mom to leave and then reaches over for Daddy's cock...Daddy is hard and ready to go...Briella lifts her dress up and sits on Daddy's cock..She rides Daddy but keeps the noise down, she does not want Mom to hear...Just as Briella has a huge orgasm off Daddy's cock, Mom walks back in...Mom is holding a robe and demands Briella cover up...Cory asks why Briella is sitting on Daddy's lap and luckily the dress was down and covering Daddy's cock inside her tight cunt...Mom storms off...She left for her sister and did not say when she will return... Briella waits for the door to close and finishes off Daddy...He bends her over the couch and continues fucking her tight pussy...Briella begs her Daddy to cum inside her...Daddy grabs her hair and fucks Briella harder and harder...Briella loves it and begs for more...Daddy then unloads inside her, Briella's tight pussy locks around Daddy's cock and keeps every ounce of seed inside... Briella promises more later that night... Mom could not sleep, she now knows her Husband and Daughter are having an affair...She collects her thoughts and works up the courage to leave...Mom walks out and promises to never return...Briella was waiting just outside for mom to leave...Now that Mom is gone, she can have Daddy all to herself...That was the plan all along...Now she must convince Daddy to give her a baby...

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Anonymous| 7 months ago

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