Mom got stuck and activated her fuck machine


Tammie Madison has just finished another successful sex toy party, her best yet. her friends loved her range of toys and snapped up some great deals. Tammie is rather pleased with herself, but needs to clean up quick before her son gets home - he would not be too pleased to see his mom's sex toys. Whilst cleaning her toys, Tammie knocks a vibrator onto the floor. As she bends down to pick it up, she notices it has rolled under the couch. Her dress is a little restrictive, so she hikes it up, exposing her bare pussy and ass, in order to reach beneath the sofa. As she is on all fours, her back goes again. She's stuck, naked, and in desperate need to get cleaned up before her son returns. Tammie has an idea, she'll use her riding crop, a top seller, to reach behind her and get her phone. If she can call one of her friends, they will be sure to rescue her from this embarrassing situation. As Tammie swings with the crop, she inadvertently hits the dial on the fuck machine. The machine whirls into action, and the rather large dildo attachment finds it's way directly into Tammie's exposed pussy. Tammie is stuck and now she is being fucked quite hard by her fuck machine. She tries to turn it off, but she makes the machine go faster. She's getting fucked harder than she ever thought possible. Oh no, what is that sound? Her son has returned. Fuck it, she'll have to plead with him to rescue her. When her son enters, he's a little shocked, but also strangely turned on. I mean, it's not everyday you find your mom on her hands and knees, taking it hard from a huge fuck machine! He knows he should help her, but what's in it for him? More allowance, mom says. Sorry mom, that's not going to cut it, there is something much sweeter that I want. Tammie can't believe it, her son is working the situation to his advantage. "Wait a minute, that's not the fuck machine inside me anymore! Son, you better stop right now. Whatever you do, do not cum inside your mom!"

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