Mom is Tricked Son is Treated - First Date

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Description: Back-story - Recently divorced Vanessa Vixon was invited by her BBF to a Halloween party. Costumes were required...This was no ordinary party, this was a swinger party...Vanessa was in a horrible marriage...Her Husband cheated on her all the time and she was ready to let lose and score with a random hot guy at the party... Vanessa was the second to arrive...Dressed in a hot Cat Wuman costume she was greeted by a sexy Special Forces Soldier...Vanessa was impressed with the man in uniform and wanted to get started early...She asked if anyone else was in the house and the soldier nodded "No." Before He could offer his name, Vanessa pulled down his pants and proceeded to give him the best blowjob of his life...She could tell he was into her as she stripped down...Vanessa let him play with her pussy and let him fondle her breasts...Vanessa could hear additional guests coming and wanted to finish him off...Just as he was about to cum, Vanessa pulled off her mask..."Oh no" he shouted!!! "MOM!!!" Vanessa could not believe she just blew her son and was about to swallow his load...Vanessa gave a reluctant gulp and swallowed...On second thought, this was all new and exciting to Vanessa...She asked her son if he wanted some more later and greeted the new guests as they walked in...
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Models: Vanessa Vixon