Mom offers youngest son to deflower him

A Mom's work never seems to be done!!! Josey knows that all too well!!! Her youngest Son, Troy is going through a very difficult phase....that all young boys go through. His hormones are raging out of control....his room is decorated with pictures of sexy women in shorts and high heels....he spends hours in his room masturbating furiously.......but he is still a Virgin. Mom decides that poor little Troy needs a bit of a "nudge" enter the realm of manhood,,,,,, so she makes a visit to Troy's bedroom....and offers to "Deflower" him!!! Troy is confused and scared at the same time!! He isn't sure that having his first sexual intercourse with his own Mother is the thing to do....but when Mom rubs his crotch and assures him that everything is alright....he plays along. Mom tales off her blouse and lets her young sex starved boy examine and fondle her big tits. Troy comments about how big his Mommie's tits are as he begins to kiss and lick them. Troy gets a boner in his track pants....and Mom lovingly pulls his pants off, and puts his penis inside her mouth. His first cock sucking is a skilled and experienced one as Mom really knows what she's doing!! When the time is right, Mom asks...."Are you ready to lose your Virginity sweetie?.....". Troy mounts his Mother and carefully inserts his erect penis inside his Mother's vagina...and starts to hump her. "I'm doing it Mom!!! I'm doing it Mom!!!" he exclaims proudly. Mom is all smiles as her youngest Son pumps away his Virginity on top of her. Troy unloads on Mom's tummy...and after a brief's time for Mom to get started on Dinner.

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Dick Flowers| 1 year ago

Thanks Mom........Mine helped me get a boner and where to put it. I faked being a virgin. Went along with her. Her boobs were so good looking , I told her she was beautiful and that I was getting so hard it hurt. She told me that it was a natural thing. Breast playing was a foreplay to sex. I squeezed , she began to moan and squirm around. Put your hand down between my legs , she said. I did, and she was so wet . Now use a finger to push in. I obade , when I jammed my finger in as far as i could. Wait honey , she asked. Mommy about ready to have climax , that means I going to shhot my load. Do we stop? I asked her . No , no , I want you to get on me. She stripped and laid on her back. I could'nt help staring at great body. She was her 50s , but, kept herself fit. I ripped my clothes off. She let out a gasping sound, as she saw my bigger than Daddys cock. I got in between her legs, she spread out, Then she got ahold of my now throbbing 8 inches of manhood. Oh honey, you are so big , your're going to hurt Mommy. Do we stopp ? I asked. She said, hell no. I want that monster in me, the pain is part of a good sexual encounter. Then she guided me i. I pushed, she yelled , easy , go in slow. Until you are all the way. I did what she said, i could feel her pussy walls as i went in. Then, my stomach hit her stomach Now , she hollared out. Fuck me honey, hard and fast. Don't stop until you cum. I pounded her , we went hot and heavy. She screamed out, i'n cumming. Keep going though. Fuck me honey, you my greatest fuck. In a good ten minutes, in which , i never thought i would shoot my load. It finally happened...Mommy, I going to cum. She said good,, i just came again. Now go as fast as you can. THen when you feel your cum shooting , push in as deep as you can and fill Mommy oussy with your sweet juices. And , I did . Felt like i was going to pass out, but, I stayed in and on her. We were both drained. She wrapped her legs aroun my waist. And , my mouth found her lips and we kissed , like to horney teenagers....She whispered , sweety , I think you did this before ? A couple times I told her, But, this was by far the fuck of my life. Can we do this again, soon.? She said , anytime you want . Mommy is here for you.

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